Commercialization Strategy and Optimization

Our team brings decades of experience in supporting pharmaceutical manufacturers consideration of all aspects of their commercialization solutions for specialty drugs from Phase II through the product lifecycle. We define and vet the landscape and the channel stakeholders needed to support access to the product based on the product's unique attributes. We then facilitate strategic discussions that lead to best in industry commercialization solutions. Examples of our offerings include: - Channel Strategy and Service Model Support (Research, Design, Development, and Implementation - Patient and Provider Journey Mapping (Referral Process Mapping) - Pharmacy Network Design, Modification and Contracting - Patient and Provider Journey Mapping (Referral Process Mapping) - Channel Strategy & Service Models - Research - Design - Development - Implementation - Pharmacy Network Design/Modification - Pharmacy Network Contracting - Therapy Management Services - Specialty Data & Analytics Strategy - Network Data Collection and Reporting - Specialty Network Service Provider Audits - Product Access and Reimbursement

Specialty Pharmaceutical Insights

Our specialty pharmaceutical insights and educational sessions provide detailed analysis of the specialty pharmacy landscape with the opportunity to customize educational sessions for pharmaceutical manufacturers and specialty pharmacies. These educational offerings are built with continual updates and can be curated specific to the audience needs from the C-suite to the field reimbursement and specialty pharmacy level. The format can be virtual as a lecture session or series and can also be live as a workshop. Examples of our offerings are: - US Specialty Pharmacy Landscape - Specialty Pharmacy as a Business/The Economics of Specialty Pharmacy - Key Considerations in Patient Access and Support Services - Strategic Planning and Capital Structure - Operational Build-out - Policy & Procedure Implementation - System Implementation - Specialty Therapy Management - GPO Strategy - Staff Training - Pharmacy Network Contracting - Data and Reporting Solutions - Payor and Pharma Acce

Diligence and Audits

Understanding the specialty pharmaceutical landscape from decades of experience, our team leverages commercialization knowledge and key operational insights provide detailed diligence and analysis at the specialty pharmacy level. This deep dive into all aspects of the operation yields granular level actionable initiative opportunities to bring meaningful value to our clients. Our targeted clients for this type of diligence are private equity firms, pharmaceutical manufacturers and proactive specialty pharmacies. Examples of our offering include: - Pharmacy Service Provider and Specialty Pharmacy Diligence - Network and Data Reporting Assessments - Product Access and Reimbursement Analysis - Market Assessments - Core Product and Services Assessment - Growth and Adjacent Market Opportunities - QOE Validation Support - Procurement Assessment and Optimization - Reimbursement Audit & Validations - State Regulatory, Legislative Assessment - Commercial Health Plan Outlook - Gov’t Reimbursement Outlook - Customer and Key Stakeholder Interviews - Strategic Planning and Capital Structure - Operations and Staffing - Technology, Data and Reporting - Clinical Compliance

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